University Of Greenwich Freshers 2017

University Of Greenwich Freshers 2017

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Freshers’ Week

Your time at university begins with Freshers’ Week, a variety of events to help you settle in, make friends and see what the university has to offer. This year, there are freshers’ events throughout September.

These include Freshers’ Fayres, which enable you to choose your sports clubs and interest societies. Make sure you come along to as many events as you can to make the most of what’s on offer to you. At previous fayres, companies have offered great student deals and freebies.

Socialising is a big part of Freshers’ Week, with event nights, often including named acts, culminating in the Freshers’ Ball, a chance to dress up and enjoy the night with new-found friends.

You will also need to attend the Induction programme provided to you by your school.

Find out what’s on in Freshers’ Week 2016 on the students’ union websites:

Avery Hill and Greenwich campus Freshers’ Week events

Medway campus Freshers’ Week events

University Of Greenwich Freshers 2017

Preparing for your visit

10 tips to get the most from your Open Day

1. Let us know you are coming by booking a place on the Open Day of your choice. We will let the lecturer in your chosen subject area know you’re coming.

2. Check which programmes we offer in your subject area of interest in the online prospectus.

3. Think about which other subject areas may interest you. Having a back-up subject gives you more choice as you learn about and decide on your programme.

4. Find out where your chosen programme(s) are taught. At the top of each programme page in the online prospectus, you’ll see the teaching location. We are one university with three unique campuses. If you’d like to see more than one campus, you can take the free intercampus bus.

5. Jot down your questions or ask us on Twitter or Facebook. As well as providing information about our programmes, Open Days also give you the opportunity to ask about the university, its facilities, student life and accommodation.

6. Bring a friend, carer or relative. They will bring a different perspective, and may think of different questions to ask. They may also help you to remember different things from your visit.

7. You may go on a campus tour, so be prepared and bring a coat in case of rain.

8. Plan your route to the campus. Whether you are using public transport, the free intercampus bus, or travelling by car, get an idea of how long it will take you to travel to or from the university. You can also download maps of the Avery Hill, Greenwich or Medway Campuses.

9. Call us on 0208 331 9000 if you need to double check any details before you visit, such as parking, bus or rail information or anything else that you may be unsure about.

10. Finally, have a think about what you want from university.

University Of Greenwich Freshers 2017

Frequently asked questions

Starting university can feel intimidating, but with these popular questions and answers you will be well prepared.

Questions to ask our staff

Staff will be present to advise you on university entry, UCAS procedures and the application process. You can also pick up forms for postgraduate and part-time studies and get any questions you may have about applying to the University of Greenwich answered. Here are some programme-related questions you could ask:

  • How is the programme assessed?
  • Does it have a work placement?
  • What support is there from the lecturers?
  • What careers do graduates from the programme go on to?
  • What is the employment rate for the programme?
  • Is the programme accredited by a professional body?
  • What is the breakdown between lectures, private study, tutorials, seminars and practical work?
  • Is special equipment needed for the programme?

University Of Greenwich Freshers 2017

Questions to ask our students

Our students ambassadors are all current University of Greenwich students and will be on hand to point you in the right direction, answer any questions and talk to you about their experiences at the university. They are easy to identify as they will be wearing t-shirts bearing the University of Greenwich logo.

Here are some questions you could ask a student ambassador:

  • How helpful are the university staff?
  • What are the resources like? Can you normally get on to a computer?
  • Are there relevant books in the library?
  • What is the price of a pint or a meal?
  • What are the best things about the university?
  • Have you enjoyed your time here?
  • Is the university a good place to study?
  • What is the social life like?

Five questions to ask yourself

Here are some questions to ask yourself during your visit:

  • Do I want to live on or off campus?
  • Is the university too close or too far from home?
  • Does the university have the sporting or social scene I want?
  • Am I looking for social facilities on campus, or a city life experience?
  • What aspect of being at university is most important to me?