University Of Greenwich Fees

University Of Greenwich Fees

Undergraduate tuition fees 2017-18

The tuition fees on this page are for new and continuing undergraduate Home and EU students.

If you commenced your programme before September 2012, you may be eligible for a lower fee. Please contact us for further information.

Fees for Medway School of Pharmacy students can be viewed here.

University of Greenwich main campuses

Tuition fees Full-time fees Part-time fees
Honours degrees
Including  MArch (Part 2) and Diploma in Landscape Architecture
£9,250 Pro-rata full-time fee
Initial Teacher Training Programmes (PCE, PGCE, School Direct PGCE) £9,250 N/A
MPharm £9,250 Pro-rata full-time fee
HNDs, HNCs and Foundation degrees £6,165 Pro-rata full-time fee
FdSc Assistant Health and Social Care Practitioner £5,000 N/A
FdSc Nurse Associate £5,000 N/A
Sandwich placement year £1,000 (This rate does not include the LLB Hons Sandwich programme where the sandwich part is a study-abroad year and is not a placement. Students who are interested in the LLB Hons Sandwich programme should consult the information for the study-abroad year in the Erasmus section below)
Erasmus For certain study-abroad and Erasmus students who commenced programmes from 1 September 2012 onwards, please contact Student Finance for further information on the fee rates under these schemes and which programmes qualify.
Part-time exceptions
PCE & PGCE Lifelong Learning/Distance Learning Programmes N/A £1,540 per 30 credits
BSc Hons Occupational Safety, Health & Environment (Distance Learning) N/A £1,810 per 30 credits
Retaking courses – this includes teaching practice Pro-rata full-time fee

University Of Greenwich Fees

Partner Colleges

Tuition fees Full-time fees Part-time fees
Honours degrees £8,630 Pro-rata full-time fee
ESO M.Ost £9,250       N/A
Bird College £9,250 Pro-rata full-time fee
HNDs, HNCs and Foundation degrees* £6,165 Pro-rata full-time fee
Part-time exceptions
PCE & PGCE Lifelong Learning programmes studied at Network College’s (Part-time and distance learning) N/A £1,155 per 30 credits
Retaking courses – this includes teaching practice Pro-rata full-time fee

* This rate will also apply to year zero of an extended degree if studied at a Partner College only.

The rates above, applicable to continuing students, are subject to ratification at Finance Committee.

The university reserves the right to charge for any additional courses or credits and amend the fee due were necessary after you have completed online registration. Important information on tuition fee charging and tuition fee rates is available at the bottom of this page.

University Of Greenwich Fees

Postgraduate degree tuition fees

The following information on tuition fees is for home and EU postgraduate students only. International student fees and undergraduate student fees can be found elsewhere on this site, as can postgraduate research fees.

Students who are considered to be studying equivalent or lower qualifications (ELQs) may have to pay a higher rate of fee depending on their programme of study and other factors. For further information please visit our ELQs information page.

Fees for Medway School of Pharmacy students can be viewed here.


University Of Greenwich Fees

Standard fee rates and exceptions

Faculty Band Full-time fee per programme Part-time fees per 30 credits
Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities £8,250 £1,375
MSc Occupational Hygiene (Distance Learning) £9,250 £1,540
MSc/PGDip Safety, Health and Environment (Distance Learning) £9,250 £1,540
Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)(2 Year) £8,250 per annum £1,650
MArch Architecture and Dip Landscape Architecture (per 120 Credits) £9,250 per annum £2,310
PDAP PGDip Architecture Practice £3,000 £3,000 payable in year 1
LLM International and Commercial Law £9,250 £1,540
MA English: Literary London £6,500 £1,080
MSc Applicable Mathematics £6,500 £1,080
MSc Big Data and Business Intelligence £9,250 £1,540
MSc Computer Science £9,250 £1,540
MSc Computing and Information System £9,250 £1,540
MSc Software Engineering £9,250 £1,540
MSc Enterprise Systems and Database Administration £9,250 £1,540
MSc Information Systems Management £9,250 £1,540
MSc Management of Business Information Technology £9,250 £1,540
MSc Computer Forensics and Cyber Security £9,250 £1,540
MSc Computer Systems and Network Engineering £9,250 £1,540
MSc Network and Computer Systems Security £9,250 £1,540
MSc Computational Finance £9,500 £1,580
MBA Maritime Management £13,900 £1,735
Faculty of Business £8,250 £1,375
MA/MSc Business and Financial Economics £9,850 £1,640
MA Logistics and Supply Chain Management £9,850 £1,640
MA Transport and Logistics Management £9,850 £1,640
MSc Project Management for Logistics £9,850 £1,640
MA Events Management £9,850 £1,640
MA Public Relations and Corporate Communications £9,850 £1,640
MA Strategic Marketing £9,850 £1,640
MA Strategic Marketing Communications £9,850 £1,640
MA International Business £11,250 £1,875
MSc/PGDip Accounting and Finance £11,250 £1,875
MSc Finance and Investment £11,250 £1,875
MSc International Banking and Finance £11,250 £1,875
MSc Financial Management and Risk £11,250 £1,875
Executive MBA (180 credits) £13,900 £2,315
MBA (180 credits) £13,900 £2,315
MBA (240 credits) £13,900 £1,735
MBA International Business (24 month programme) £13,500 £1,735
MBA International Business top up from MA International Business (60 credits) £3,050 £1,525
MSc Financial Management (Dual Award) £11,250 N/A
MA International Business (Dual Award) £11,250 N/A
MA Strategic Marketing Communications (Dual Award) £11,250 N/A
Faculty of Education and Health £8,250 £1,375
PGCE/CertEd/PGDip programmes (Initial Teacher Training programmes Only) Please see fee for undergraduate programmes
PG Certificate in Higher Education (PT & DL only) N/A £1,375
MA Education £6,250 £1,040
MA/Postgraduate Diploma Social Work (190 credits) £10,300 £1,625
MSc Therapeutic Counselling £10,350 £1,725
MSc Child and Adolescent Psychology £6,500 £1,080
Faculty of Engineering and Science (includes NRI) £8,250 £1,375
MSc by Research (Science) £9,250 £1,540
MSc Food Safety and Quality Management e-learning £5,400 £900

University Of Greenwich Fees

Please note

  • For Home and EU Postgraduate Taught students and students undertaking an MSc Research (Science) or an MSc Research (Psychology) assessed as paying fees at the home rate, tuition fees are subject to an annual fee setting exercise and will rise annually by no more than RPI-X +3% (Retail Price Index excluding mortgage interest payments +3%).
  • We would only consider an increase to the fee rate for continuing students to reflect the increased cost of delivering the programme in subsequent years.
  • The part-time fees above only apply to Home and EU fee payers.
  • The part time fees you are charged will depend on the number of credits you are required and permitted to study per academic year and will be subject to the annual fee increases as outlined above.
  • Please note that students starting programmes in subsequent years will pay the published fee for new entrants to the relevant Academic year and will come under a different set of arrangements to those advised here.