University Of Greenwich Extenuating Circumstances

University Of Greenwich Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating circumstances

If a tutee discloses to you a situation or circumstance which you or they think will have adversely affected their performance in coursework or examinations, it is important that you refer them to the Extenuating Circumstances policy. A Moodle course has been set up for staff and students which will contain user guides, bitesize ‘how to’ videos, and FAQs.

  1. provides useful information for staff to assist students understand and submit claims.
  2. provides useful information for students to understand and submit claims.

University regulations state that: It is important that students understand what kinds of circumstances could be treated as extenuating circumstances, and that problems arising from their own negligence or inability to organise their time, will not be considered (Academic Regulations for Taught Awards, 2016:70)

Most students experience a certain amount of stress at periods of formal assessment. It is expected that individuals studying in higher education will develop the ability to deal with this and to produce satisfactory work whilst meeting deadlines. “Examination stress” or stress in a practice placement, shall not in and of itself be considered as an extenuating circumstance.

University Of Greenwich Extenuating Circumstances

Valid extenuating circumstances would normally be:

  • unforeseeable – no prior knowledge of the event concerned, and
  • unpreventable – nothing reasonably within the student’s power to prevent such an event
  • expected to have a serious impact on academic performance.

A working definition would be: Exceptional, short-term events which are outside of a student’s control and have a negative impact upon their ability to prepare for or take (sit) an assessment.

Submitting a claim

Extenuating Circumstances claims must be submitted online through BannerWeb via the Portal.

Claims are also assessed online. Students will receive email notifications (to their Greenwich email address) about the progress and outcome of their claim.If students or staff are struggling to access Extenuating Circumstances on the portal, please contact the IT Service Desk (x7555) with your queries.

The full regulations, with further guidance and the ECs form