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Recruitment and Selection

Effective recruitment and selection are fundamental to the successful functioning of the university.

Good recruitment practice can make a significant contribution to the performance of your team or department and ultimately the university. However, ineffective approaches can have far-reaching negative consequences. The following points show the importance of getting  recruitment and selection right.

Getting it right

  • Good selection decisions result in increased performance as talented candidates work towards achieving your team’s goals
  • Lower turnover as effective recruitment processes mean that employees are less likely to leave your team in search of a more suitable post
  • Good employee relations result from effective recruitment practice as future perceptions are set for developing employee trust and confidence with your team
  • A positive public image and enhanced employer brand is created as both successful and unsuccessful candidates have a positive recruitment experience

The University offers Recruitment and Selection training to provide staff with the expertise to ensure that the best person is recruited for the job, first time.

It is essential that interview panel members complete the E-Recruitment online module and the Managing Diversity Online course prior to sitting on a panel. It is advisable that panel members complete all the Recruitment and Selection training courses prior to being a member of an interview panel.

Click on each of the links below for an outline of the Recruitment and Selection training courses.

R-and-SButton-1  Writing to recruit

R-and-SButton-2E-Recruitment (Essential for Panel Members)

R-and-SButton-3Interview Skills for Panel Members (Recommended for Panel Members)

R-and-SButton-2Managing Diversity Online Course (Essential for Panel Members)

University Of Greenwich E-recruitment