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University of Gloucestershire Wifi

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University staff, students and visitors are welcome to bring personally owned mobile devices to our campuses. Staff and students can securely access the University Wireless Network (provided by eduroam) using your University Account.

What is eduroam?

eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, international wireless service that is available to all staff and students at the University of Gloucestershire. Once connected, you can get online at eduroam hotspots in the UK and around the world.

University of Gloucestershire Users

While visiting other participating institutions you can connect to the local eduroam network to get an internet connection. You will need to obtain connection instructions from the visited organisations eduroam website.

To connect to the service you must use your username (e.g. s1234567) followed by, and your regular university password. For example, if your staff/student number is s1234567 then you would log on using:



Password: your password


Wherever you are, you must abide by the rules of use for the institution you are connected to. Always check the eduroam information page at the institution you are going to for any additional local information.


If you are visiting the University of Gloucestershire and are having difficulty connecting to the eduroam service, please contact your home institution’s IT support. If they are able to confirm that their eduroam profile is working correctly but you still cannot connect, please contact our IT Helpdesk on 01242 714044 or email