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Compact Scheme

What is the University of Gloucestershire Compact Scheme?

The University of Gloucestershire Compact scheme has been designed to nurture relationships with local schools and colleges, offering members priority access to a programme of activities and events aimed at raising awareness of higher education (HE). The scheme provides support and guidance to compact partners and their students in reaching HE, in particular to the University of Gloucestershire but not exclusively.

Who can join?

At present we have over 50 partners. The Compact scheme is designed to work predominantly with post-16 students.  To ensure that we deliver quality engagement with current partners we are no longer accepting new partners.  If you are interested in joining the scheme you can place your school or college onto a waiting list.

Why join?

We can offer students from Compact partner schools a wide range of events and activities designed to help them uncover the HE options available to them.  These activities are provided FREE of charge by the University and are facilitated by the Outreach Team.  These events and activities will allow pupils the opportunity to meet with and talk to current University of Gloucestershire students.  There is dedicated advice and guidance for students from Compact schools.

Students will also be offered extra assistance prior to formal registration – there will be the opportunity for Compact students to attend a special orientation/induction event to introduce them to the world of university life.

If you would like to find out more about the Compact Scheme, please contact Becky Tomkins.

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