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University of Gloucestershire Occupational Psychology

University of Gloucestershire Occupational Psychology

Occupational Psychology (Postgraduate Certificate / Postgraduate Diploma / MSc)

Workplace counselling session

Become eligible for stage one BPS registration on a course that develops practical skills and commercial awareness

Accredited by the British Psychological Society and with a particular focus on preparing you for careers in consultancy, this long-standing course follows a commercially-relevant curriculum that equips you with the skills and competences required to thrive in contemporary business environments.

Professional skills can’t just be learned from reading the research. On this course you are not just a student—you are an occupational psychologist in training. Throughout your programme you will build up a competency portfolio of coursework assignments replicating tasks undertaken by psychology practitioners within all types of organisations in the public and the private sectors.

You will take part in role play simulations of real-world consultancy scenarios and undertake supervised work with clients. To consolidate your value to employers, while you follow the BPS curriculum on Talent Acquisition you will also undertake the qualifications Test User Ability (TUA) and Test User Personality (TUP). These competencies are so important to your professional development that we include the cost in your course fees, rather than offering the qualifications as an optional extra at additional cost.

Another emphasis of this programme is the importance of understanding the contemporary business environment. The course is enriched by our connections with local, national and international firms, bringing you an outstanding programme of guest speakers who apply occupational psychology in diverse roles ranging from sole-trader consultancy, through training and development in the criminal justice sector, to leadership coaching for multinational companies. Via these connections, participants have access to unique case study materials and you will be exposed to real-world issues facing businesses such as the implications of artificial intelligence for the future of work, challenges posed by globalisation, and the impact of toxic leaders on an organisation’s reputation.