University of Gloucestershire Employability Award

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University of Gloucestershire Employability Award

University of Gloucestershire Employability Award


What does employability even mean?

Employability can be defined as the ability to get and keep satisfactory work. Employability is the development of a set of fundamental skills, attributes and attitudes, so it is a lot more than simply applying for work!

Employability is about having self-awareness of your own skills, and your acquirement of transferable skills that can be used and developed in the work place. Probably most importantly, it is about your ability to demonstrate and effectively communicate your employability to potential employers through an understanding of your own achievements, attributes and personality.

How can I enhance my employability?

There are lots of ways you can develop your employability whilst you’re at University through your Students’ Union. One of the ways to do it is through part time work advertised by the Jobshop but with so many jobs and so many candidates applying for them it can be hard to stand out. That’s why we have some handy hints and tips to help you make your job search successful.

Gloucestershire Employability Awards

We’re keen to recognise your achievements outside the lecture room and have developed the Gloucestershire Employability Awards to do just that.

The award will enable you to:

  • gain a certificate
  • identify your skills
  • write an excellent CV
  • perform well at interviews
  • feel proud

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To find out more, visit the Future Plan office on your campus, or drop us an email