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University of Gloucestershire Dba

University of Gloucestershire Dba

Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) (Postgraduate Research)

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Develop your strengths in business through an in-depth research project on a topic of your choice and the development of advanced academic skills.

This DBA is for students with managerial experience who have a practical or professional position in an organisation and wish to develop their strengths in this area. Address a wide range of research topics from consumer behaviour to management accounting, or leadership to production control. Develop doctoral work that has relevance to theory and practice in whatever area you choose.The programme starts with a pre-thesis modular element which lasts, on average, 18 months, after which you present your formal research plan for an area focused on a topic of your choice. You then enter the thesis phase, which lasts a minimum of a further 30 months. At its conclusion, you present and defend a thesis in viva voce. The great benefit of this period of study is that you achieve an understanding and perception of managerial work that cannot be attained by other means.

As a DBA graduate, you will become even more prominent in your area of practice. This provides significant benefits both you and to your organisation. It also offers a pathway to lecturing in your subject areas. DBA classes are recruited in cohorts of 10 and 20 participants who benefit from a collaborative learning environment.


Reflective professional development

Strengthen your ability to reflect on your business experience, research topic, and broader contexts. Develop your ability to analyse and synthesise the results of reflection. Work in action learning sets to complement your independent learning. The reflective practice developed in this module will be a continuous stream throughout the life of your research programme.

Systematic literature review