University of Gloucestershire Accommodation Application

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University of Gloucestershire Accommodation Application

University of Gloucestershire Accommodation Application

Applying for halls of residence

The application process for 2017/18 halls of residence will open on Monday 16 January 2017.

Am I eligible for halls of residence?

Undergraduate students (UK and EU)

You will be able to complete the application process and will be guaranteed accommodation in Halls of Residence if:

• you are a new first year UK/EU undergraduate, and

• you are holding an unconditional firm or conditional firm offer (UF or CF) at the university, and

• you have accepted the University of Gloucestershire as your first choice and applied for accommodation by Thursday 4 May 2017.

Students with disabilities

The university’s halls of residence have accessible rooms on all campuses. These rooms tend to be larger than the other rooms in halls with more accessible bathroom facilities and flexible interiors to suit the level of need required.

The university endeavours to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities. In order to assist the accommodation office with specific requirements, we encourage you to initially contact one of our disability advisers. Call 01242 714541 or email and state your requirements.

International undergraduate and postgraduate students

If you are a new international undergraduate or postgraduate student entering your studies at the university and you have firmly accepted your offer and completed the online halls of residence application process by Friday 11 August 2017, you will be guaranteed halls of residence.

Postgraduate students

New for 2017/18; brand new town house accommodation for postgraduates including PGCE students. Based on our newly developed Pittville Student Village, these town houses provide study bedroom accommodation with modern large kitchens and communal areas. If you are a new postgraduate student entering your studies at the university and you have firmly accepted your offer and completed the online halls of residence application process by Monday 3 July 2017, you will be eligible for these halls of residence.

Find out more about accommodation information for postgraduate students and accommodation information for international postgraduate students.

Part-time students

Halls accommodation is not available to part-time students. Find more accommodation information for part-time students.

Which Halls of Residence are right for me?

Please see our Halls of Residence pages for more information on the accommodation available and to view the halls maps and addresses.

Halls in Cheltenham

​Halls of Residence ​Location ​Rent per week
Shaftesbury Hall ​Francis Close Hall campus ​​£133
​​Hardwick ​Francis Close Hall campus ​​£124
​​Maidenhorn Francis Close Hall campus ​​£100
​St Mary’s non en-suite Francis Close Hall campus ​​£112£115
​St Mary’s en-suite Francis Close Hall campus ​​£133
​Pittville enhanced en-suite ​​Pittville Student Village ​​£148
​Pittville self-contained en-suite studio ​​Pittville Student Village ​​£183
​Pittville shared townhouses ​​Pittville Student Village ​£137
​Pittville Original Halls ​​Pittville Student Village ​​£133
​Park Villas ​Park campus ​​£133
​Park Challinor non en-suite ​​Park campus ​​​£112£115
​​Park Challinor en-suite ​​Park campus ​​£133
​Eildon and Merrowdown ​​Park campus ​​£112
​Eildon and Merrowdown Annexe ​​Park campus ​​£124
​Spa Court en-suite ​​Park campus ​​​​£154£158
​Spa Court studio ​​Park campus ​£189

Halls in Gloucester

​Halls of Residence ​Location ​​Rent per week
​Oxstalls Halls ​Oxstalls campus ​​£133
​​Ermin Halls ​Oxstalls campus ​​£124
​​Upper Quay Halls ​Oxstalls campus ​​£124

How do I apply?

You can apply for halls of residence here.

To be able to complete the above application process you must be holding an unconditional firm or conditional firm offer (UF or CF) at the university. You will not be able to progress with your application without it.

Once you’ve completed the two step verification process you can complete your application form. Part of this involves selecting your top 3 preferred halls.

Please note that we cannot guarantee matching your preferred Halls but we will allocate as closely as possible. We allocate rooms based on the date we receive your application so the earlier you apply the better chance you will have of getting one of your preferred choices.

If you have any problems completing the halls application process, please see our halls application troubleshooting document.

When do I get confirmation if I’ve been allocated a room?

If successful, instructions about accepting your room offer will be emailed to the email address you registered with UCAS at the time of application from May 2017. This will include instructions on completing the room acceptance process via our Halls Portal. Here you will be given details of your room, dates of occupancy, rent and the full terms and conditions.

You will also need to make a payment of £200 at this time along with setting up a direct debit for rent payment within seven days of receiving your room offer. If you accept an offer of a place in residence, you will be signing a legally-binding contract for the full period stated on the offer letter.

Terms and conditions of living in halls of residence

For many reasons, including the health and safety of all student residents, there are a number of terms and conditions you agree to when accepting a place in residence. You can find a copy of these during the room offer acceptance process. Please note all halls are non-smoking and no halls students are permitted to bring vehicles.