University Of Glasgow Yun li

By | 6th June 2017

University Of Glasgow Yun li

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Professor Yun Li

Professor of Systems Engineering (Systems Power and Energy)

telephone: 0141 330 4930


Yun earned his BSc in Radio Electronics Science from Sichuan Unviersity, MEng from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), PhD (in parallel computing and control) from University of Strathclyde, and CBA from Adam Smith Business School of University of Glasgow. Following a period with UK National Engineering Laboratory as a consultant engineer in 1989 and with Industrial Systems and Control Ltd as post-doctoral research engineer in 1990, Yun joined the University of Glasgow as Lecturer in 1991 and recruited his first PhD student in computational intelligence in 1992.

In 2011, Yun went to Singapore as 2-year Founding Director to establish and lead University of Glasgow Singapore (UGS), the first such venture furth of Scotland in the University’s 560-year history. Yun’s leadership role included establishing UoG Singapore, setting its strategic directions, running its day-to-day operations, managing its academic delivery with inspiration and quality assurance, establishing its vibrant research programme and industrial support, forging its links with key stakeholders, developing its reputation consistent with a world-class university and, finally, overseeing its first cohort’s success to graduation. During Yun’s term, UGS saw the number of Honours degrees offered in Singapore increased from two to five, recruited its first 6 PhD students in 2013, and obtained 50 full PhD scholarships for the next five years from Singapore Economic Development Board.

University Of Glasgow Yun li

Upon returning to Glasgow, Yun acted as interim/founding director of the University’s first joint degree programme in China, which started delivery in Sept 2013 at UESTC, with whom Yun first initiated an official 2+2 partnership in 2008 and formally recommended its upgrade to an in-country joint programme in 2010. With these TNE programmes successfully off the ground, Yun moved back to research with a focus on Industry 4.0.

In the past, Yun served on the Management Board of the European Network of Excellence in Evolutionary Computation (EvoNet) and on IEE/IET Scotland South West Committee.  He chaired an EvoNet International Workshop, an EvoNet Working Group, an IEEE Workgroup, and a number of IPCs of international conferences. He was invited to Kumamoto University, Japan, as a visiting professor in 2002, by the Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Singapore as a referee, and by the Ministry of Education of China for their Changjiang Distinguished Professor scheme. He also holds visiting positions to UESTC and Sun Yat-sen University, China. Yun currently serves as an Associate Editor of IEEE Trans Evolutionary Computation and a guest editor on “Industry 4.0” for two other journals.