University Of Glasgow Yacrs

University Of Glasgow Yacrs

YACRS is a classroom interaction system that allows students to use their own devices (mobile phones, tablets or laptops) to respond to questions dusting class. The motivation behind developing it was that the clicker systems we use at the University of Glasgow were becomming increasingly problematic – making sure batteries were OK, identifying broken hand-sets and getting them to the right lecture theatre all posed problems. Since almost all stuudents carry a smartphone or other device it seemed logical to replace the clicker system with a web based system. University Of Glasgow Yacrs


A few features

  • Multiple choice and text input questions
  • SMS support (for the few students who don’t have smartphones.)
  • Optional microblogging
  • Optional teacher control application provides a simple way of using MCQs along with Powerpoint.
  • Open source (Apache 2 licence)
  • Either logged in (using LDAP) or guest modes.

University Of Glasgow Yacrs

  • Select the ‘question type’ – With YACRSControl only very generic selections are appropriate, and the two current options are A-D or A-E.
  • Give the session a title – the default is the date, however sessions can be restarted, so a course name is probably more appropriate.
  • A course identifier can be added to automatically being in a classlist – this is the identifier from the course catalog , e.g. COMPSCI1001. Classlists come from the feed that is used to autoenrol students in Moodle, and may be up to 24 hours behind registrations in MyCampus.
  • You can opt to allow guest users, the default is to require a login with a GUID.
  • If you tick the “Display on user’s available sessions list” the students enrolled in the session will see a link when they login to YACRS. This is recomended if you have enrolled students using a classlist identifier.
  • YACRSControl requires the “Teacher Led” (default) question mode.
  • Deafult time limit allows you to set a default period for qustions being available – the teacher can always close a question early. 0 leaves it fully under the teacher’s control.
  • Microblogging sets up a “room” within  YACRS similar to, whic allows students to have a back channel. If using this with YACRSControl, it is probably wise to also have a GTA or volunteer student monitoring the back channel. “Allow anonymous questions for the teacher” is part of this back channel, and not yet implemented in YACRS so should be left unchecked.

Once the session settings have been added click the Create button.

University Of Glasgow Yacrs

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