University Of Glasgow Virology

University Of Glasgow Virology



Virology is the study of viruses and viral diseases. Viruses are both disease agents and model systems, meaning that virology continues to be at the centre of modern biomedical research.

You’ll receive practical training in aspects of epidemiology at the Marine Biology Station at Millport in the Firth of Clyde.



You will be given a general introduction to all aspects of modern biology and encouraged to acquire a strong foundation of scientific, analytical and computing skills.


In semester 1, you will develop your knowledge of fundamental aspects of biology. In semester 2, you will be introduced to specialist subject areas according to your interests (e.g. animal biology; biomolecular sciences; human biology; infection biology).

You will also study other subjects in years 1 and 2: see Flexible degrees.

YEARS 3, 4 AND 5

If you progress to Honours (years 3 and 4) you will learn about many aspects of viruses with particular emphasis on prevention, treatment and pathogenicity of virus-related diseases and their practical uses in oncolytic and gene therapies. In year 3 you will study the biochemistry and molecular biology of a range of viruses, bacteria and parasites and their associated diseases, and the host and immune responses, treatments and vaccines. Year 3 is run as a joint course with the Microbiology and Parasitology degree programmes.

University Of Glasgow Virology

In year 4 you will choose from a range of specialised advanced courses. You will undertake an independent research project under the supervision of a member of teaching or research staff, mainly within the University’s renowned Centre for Virus Research. Within taught sessions you will work as part of a team to learn and understand scientific issues and analysis.

Virology can be taken as an MSci, which includes an additional placement year between year 3 and the final year of the degree. This is normally spent doing research in industry or some other organisation, such as a research institute, in the UK or overseas, and often attracts a modest salary.