University Of Glasgow Small Animal Hospital

University Of Glasgow Small Animal Hospital

Glasgow’s new £15 million Small Animal Hospital has better facilities than many places that treat people – but it comes at a price.

Why choose the Small Animal Hospital at the University of Glasgow?

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A veterinary surgeon may refer a client to a veterinary surgeon with expertise in a specific field.  At SAH we have one of the largest collections of veterinary specialists in Europe covering a range of medical and surgical disciplines, all under one roof.


What is a referral?

In veterinary medicine a system of referral exists similar to the relationship between human medicine – general practitioners and specialist hospital doctors. If you and your vet feel that your pet has a condition which is beyond the scope of what can be reasonably achieved in general practice, then a referral is appropriate.

At SAH the facilities provide sophisticated equipment, not readily available in general practice, alongside the skill of the specialist team supported by 24/7 staffing.

University Of Glasgow Small Animal Hospital

Our services

Our Services

We are available 24/7 across all days of the year to support pets which have been referred from a veterinary surgeon. Patients are assigned to particular specialists in areas such as surgery, neurology, oncology, general medicine, cardiology, ophthalmology or wellness with teams in anaesthesia and diagnostic imaging involved in the care of the patient.

We also provide specific services such as referral ultrasound service and radio-iodine-treatment that are directly accessible. We are the only Scottish animal hospital with on-site Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), alongside computed tomography (CT) and radiotherapy facilities which delivers a full range of care under one roof.

We provide an out of hours emergency service in association with local pratices at night, weekends and public holidays.  This allows your pet to be treated by the wealth of knowledge, experience and care that we currently provide to our referral patients.  The team who care for your pet are dedicated to this service.

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