University Of Glasgow Nursery

University Of Glasgow Nursery

The University of Glasgow Nursery is located at 28 Hillhead Street.  All University of Glasgow employees, Agency staff working at the University and matriculated postgraduates/undergraduates reading for a degree or other qualification are eligible to use the Nursery, subject to availability of places, which are in particularly high demand.  The University is not able to guarantee that places will be available for any age group.  ‘External’ applicants who are neither students nor staff of the University may apply on the understanding that their place(s) shall be surrendered on 4 weeks’ notice in the event of the place(s) being required for children of University staff or students.  ‘External’ status also applies to students of Associated Colleges and to staff working at the University whose contract of employment is other than with the University of Glasgow.

Because of the competition for places the Childcare Committee (which is made up of 5 members: a Senate representative (Chair), a representative from Human Resources, an early years researcher, a union nominee, and the sitting Vice President, Student Support) operates a priority rating system for all applications in order to facilitate placements.  The Committee has agreed that priority should be given to applicants whose circumstances make it extremely difficult for them to return to or take up work or study at the University without a nursery place for their child.  Specific criteria used in the priority rating system include single parenthood, both parents being staff and/or students at the University, and having a sibling already in place at the Nursery.  The committee may also consider lack of a support network and women returners but any other family information may also be taken into account.  It is therefore essential when filling in the application form that parents give the Committee as much information as possible.

As a result of the priority system, the waiting list operates on an ongoing basis, and not on a fixed ‘first come first served’ basis.

Further information can be given by Stacey Anderson (telephone: 0141 330 6977).

University Of Glasgow Nursery

Nursery information

The Nursery is managed by Childcare (Scotland) Limited.

The Nursery is registered to accommodate up to 74 children (18 places for 6 weeks-2 year olds; 24 places for 2-3 year olds; and 32 places for 3-5 year olds) on a full- or part-time basis.  The Nursery opens from 0800h to 1800h Monday to Friday throughout the calendar year, except for a 2-week period over Christmas and New Year and certain public holidays.  To maximise the use of the Nursery, places are normally full-time for 50 weeks of the year.  Fee invoices are issued monthly.  Fee rates for part-time use will be considered at the discretion of Childcare (Scotland) Ltd. and parents must state clearly their precise needs on the application form.


University Of Glasgow Nursery


Fees are reviewed annually in September. With effect from 1st September 2016 fees are as follows: £657 per month full-time; £328 per month part-time (based on 2½ days per week); £30.30 per day session.  Fees include snacks but not lunches.  Prepared feeds for babies and packed lunches are supplied by parents.  Childcare (Scotland) Ltd will be happy to discuss alternative lunch arrangements if required.

Nursery fees 2016/17

Once a place has been taken, parents will conclude a contract with Childcare (Scotland) Ltd and the appropriate fee will be payable to Childcare (Scotland) Ltd one month in advance and monthly thereafter even where, for example, a child is ill and cannot attend the Nursery.  Six weeks’ notice will be required when a place is given up.

The University has demonstrated its interest in developing a first class facility by the provision of rent- and maintenance-free accommodation. A lump sum fee subsidy has been provided by the University Court.

University of Glasgow staff and matriculated students may apply to Stacey Anderson, HR (Tay House) for assistance with Nursery fees based on the following guidelines, which apply from 1st August 2016:

University Of Glasgow Nursery

Total Family Gross Income (annual) University Subsidy (annual)
Band 1 up to £10000 up to £3381
Band 2 £10001 to £12000 £3035
Band 3 £12001 to £14000 £2703
Band 4 £14001 to £16000 £2024
Band 5 £16001 to £19000 £1691
Band 6 £19001 to £22000 £1011
Band 7 over £22000 nil


Please note that the fund available is strictly limited and a subsidy for parents in the above income bands is not guaranteed. Figures above are based on a full-time Nursery place; if a part-time place were taken up, any subsidy awarded would be on a pro-rata basis.

University Of Glasgow Nursery

Further information

Students may contact the SRC Welfare Adviser for information on other sources of funding assistance.

Further information on waiting lists for Nursery places and Childcare (Scotland) Ltd’s childcare policy is available from the Manager at the Nursery.  General enquiries about the day-to-day operation of the Nursery are also handled by the Manager, University of Glasgow Nursery, 28 Hillhead Street, The University, Tel. 0141 334 4650.

Completed application forms should be returned to Stacey Anderson, Tay House, University of Glasgow (via post or email), marked ‘Nursery Application’.

Stacey Anderson
Childcare Facilities Committee

Tel: 0141 330 6977


Contact us

General enquiries about the day-to-day operation of the Nursery are handled by the Manager, University of Glasgow Nursery, 28 Hillhead Street, The University, Tel. 0141 334 4650.

For all other enquiries, contact Stacey Anderson, Human Resources, Tay House, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ

  • email:
  • tel: (+44) 141 330 6977