University Of Glasgow Law Entry Requirements

University Of Glasgow Law Entry Requirements



Law is the study of rules and principles of conduct decreed by legislative authority, derived from court decisions and established by local custom.

You will have the opportunity to participate in one of our many placements: for example, with the Citizens Advice Bureau, a human rights centre, a law centre or the Scottish Parliament.


The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) programme is an exacting intellectual discipline and offers a thorough grounding in the principles of basic areas of the law. The degree can be studied to Ordinary level, requiring three years of full-time study, or to Honours level in four years of full-time study.


Initially you will study:

  • Constitutional law
  • Introduction to legal study
  • Obligations (contract, delict and unjustified enrichment)
  • Family law.


In the following year, you will study:

  • Jurisprudence
  • Law and government

There is a range of optional courses to choose from, covering topics such as:

  • Roman law of property and obligations
  • International private law
  • Labour law
  • Forensic medicine
  • Public international law

If you intend to enter the Scottish Legal Profession you must take the following courses during your degree:

  • Business organisations
  • Criminal law and evidence
  • Commercial law
  • European Union law
  • Property law
  • Legal profession and legal ethics. 


Admission to Honours takes place at the end of the second year. If you progress to Honours (years 3 and 4) you can choose from a wide range of individual courses available each year and you will have the opportunity to specialise in a chosen area of law.

University Of Glasgow Law Entry Requirements


Law with Languages or Law with Legal Studies

There are many opportunities for you to study law with languages. A language may be studied for three years of the Honours degree (the Law with Legal Studies programme) or throughout the four years of the degree (the Law with Languages programme). Language study is an integrated part of these degrees, during the first two years of which language skills will be carefully developed. This will prepare you to make the most of the opportunity to increase your fluency in a foreign environment while advancing your knowledge of law. Both programmes require you to spend your third year studying Law in a partner university abroad, where teaching and learning take place in French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.


We have an extremely successful and popular study abroad programme. Currently 60% of our Honours students take the opportunity to spend all or part of the third year studying law in another country or participate in a summer school or other academic activity abroad. These options are available through our Law with Languages or Legal Studies programmes (see below) or at English-speaking institutions in Europe, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, China and Singapore. Students may also take part in summer schools or the comparative law project. In all cases study abroad is integrated into the degree and does not involve an additional year of study.

 University Of Glasgow Law Entry Requirements


Academic entry requirements
for entry in 2017


  • Standard academic entry requirements: AAA.
  • Minimum academic entry requirements: N/A.
  • Other mandatory requirements: A-level English OR GCSE English Literature and Language. LNAT (see below).


  • Standard academic entry requirements: S5 entry requirement = AAAAA
  • Minimum academic entry requirements: S5 minimum requirement = AABBB. S6 entry requirements = applicants who achieve between AAAAB and AABBB in S5 will be asked to attain either two Advanced Highers or a mix of Advanced Highers and additional Highers – subject to a satisfactory LNAT score.
  • Other mandatory requirements: Higher English. LNAT (see below). Applicants who are made conditional offers based on S6 results are encouraged, where possible, to study Advanced Highers in arts/social science subjects.

We adjust these entry requirements for eligible applicants, from ABBBB at S5, based upon completion of a pre-entry programme. See Access Glasgow for pre-entry programme eligibility and adjusted grade requirements.


  • Standard academic entry requirements: 38 points.
  • Minimum academic entry requirements: 34 points.
  • Other mandatory requirements: English at HL6. LNAT (see below).


Law National Admissions Test (LNAT): Applicants to all LLB degrees ( apart from those applying for the fast track M115) are required to take the LNAT test by 20 January 2017. The LNAT is run by a consortium of UK universities and comprises a two-hour on-screen test made up of multiple choice (80 minutes) and essay questions (40 minutes). It is designed to assess verbal reasoning skills and command of written English. The test can be taken by applicants at centres throughout the UK and overseas. Information on how to sit the test can be found at: