University Of Glasgow Knitter In Residence

University Of Glasgow Knitter In Residence


We are seeking to appoint a knitter in residence at the University of Glasgow as part of the ‘Knitting in the Round Project’ located in the School of Humanities (History), College of Arts and supported by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Duration: Fixed term appointment – flexible hours in October 2014 (to include Wool Week, 6-12 October)
Fee: £1000 (pro rata and to include expenses for materials)

Background Knitting in the Round: Hand-Knitted Textiles and the Economies of Craft in Scotland
The Knitting in the Round project is a RSE network at the University of Glasgow, led by Professor Lynn Abrams and Dr Marina Moskowitz. The aim of the network is to develop collaborations between a range of sectors: business, heritage, education, tourism and culture and arts; and to explore how historical understandings of knit as an economic, creative and cultural practice inform modern and contemporary uses of this textile practice. Knit is the pin-up craft for sustainability, creativity and authenticity. Knitting in the Round is investigating the transformation from small-scale, home-based craft production to one of Scotland’s most identifiable brands and exploring the relationships that knit facilitates: between young and old, across continents, between practitioners and researchers, producers and consumers, in the Scottish and international context. Through a series of events combining practice and theory we will interrogate the meaning of knit in the present and the past. The result will be greater public understanding of the ways in which knit contributes to the Scottish economy, to health and wellbeing and to cultural enrichment.


Project Aims

  • To offer members of the University opportunities to engage with hand knitting and to better understand its significance in Scotland’s economy and culture
  • To generate awareness of knit as a skill and of the place of hand knit in Scotland’s heritage
  • To highlight the sustainability, creativity and authenticity of hand knit

University Of Glasgow Knitter In Residence

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