University Of Glasgow Job Seekers Register

University Of Glasgow Job Seekers Register

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Job Seekers’ Register

 How to join the Job Seeker’s Register

The register is accessed through Business Systems (Single Sign-On):

Once you have logged on to Business Systems using your own username and password click ‘JSR Registration Page’.

This will take you to a page where you can input various general details for uploading to the register.

CV Field

You are free to upload your own updated CV, however if you do not have a CV prepared please use the CV template provided.

Please note that it is preferred that your CV is saved as a PDF file, however if this facility is not available you may upload in other formats.

You should aim to provide sufficient detail to enable a fair and accurate view of your capabilities to be established without providing excess or too detailed information which may hinder its assessment.  To that end you may wish to alter the size of the boxes on the form to accommodate the information you wish to supply.

You are free to load an updated version of your CV or details at any time.  Please note that the system will date stamp any updates made.

CV Template

The CV template is in a format specifically designed to enable more focused consideration of the transferability of your experience and skills.  If using your own CV please bear this in mind and ensure your experience and skills are documented accordingly.

If you require assistance or guidance on how to complete this CV please contact your line Manager and/or your Head of Human Resources.


If you have difficulty uploading any of your details or incur any error messages please contact a member of the Recruitment and Selection team .

Should you not have access to a PC please contact your line manager who will seek to provide such support from within your School/RI/Service.

 University Of Glasgow Job Seekers Register

Guidance for recruiting Managers accessing the Job Seekers’ Register