University Of Glasgow Intercalated Degree

University Of Glasgow Intercalated Degree

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At the end of the third year, selected Medical and Dental students may be permitted to undertake an intercalated course. Medical and Dental students can apply for either a one-year Honours degree, BSc (MedSci) or BSc (DentSci) degree within the College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences, College of Arts or be admitted at the discretion of the College of Science and Engineering to study for the Degree of BSc Honours.  We also welcome applicants from other Universities

Intercalated Degrees

BDS students may apply to undertake an Intercalated Degree, normally after completing BDS4.

Please see the regulations at, page MVLS.28 (UG).  Dental students may apply for any intercalated degree listed.

There is further information on the other options at –

Funding for Intercalated Degrees

Students whose fees are paid by the Scottish Awards Agency normally continue to be funded during an intercalated year of study. Students are advised to contact their funding provider for further advice before applying for an intercalated degree programme.

The arrangements for a loan will be the same as for their main course of study. Students currently funded by Local Education Authorities in England and Wales will continue to pay the relevant home/EU tuition fee.  Bursary payments will not be paid to students once they leave the BDS course.

Overseas students will pay the overseas Science Fee if undertaking a science course.


Students who are interested in applying should contact the Dental School Administrative Officer.  Application forms will be available from the Administrative Officer and applications close on 11 March this year (2016).

University Of Glasgow Intercalated Degree

One Year Intercalated Degree Courses

All of these subjects will be of value to the future doctor or dentist in whatever field he/she may practise. An important aspect of the BSc (MedSci) and BSc (DentSci) degrees is that the student makes contact with research workers, develops an understanding of research methods, and participates in a research project.