University Of Glasgow Grading

University Of Glasgow Grading

Grade system and assessment

The University uses a 22-point marking scale which runs from grade A1 to grade H. Please refer to the Understanding the Marking System Guide for Students for guidelines describing the characteristics of each grade.

Work is assessed according to defined grade descriptors, found in the Code of Assesment. If, in the opinion of the examiners, a piece of work meets the descriptor for a particular grade, then that grade is awarded. Therefore, all students in a class could theoretically obtain an A grade if they all meet the level set out in the A grade descriptor.

A course will typically have more than one type of assessment, e.g. an essay, written exam, oral presentation or seminar participation. The University uses the following terminology in regard to assessments:

  • Formative assessment: this does not count towards the final mark and is intended as feedback on student performance;
  • Summative assessment: this form of assessment does count towards the final mark for the course

Written assignments in most courses are submitted through the plagiarism-prevention service Turnitin.

University Of Glasgow Grading


    Typically, exams for Level 1 and 2 courses are in December, for Level 3 and 4 courses in April/May and there is a resit diet in August.

The University Registry is in charge of setting the date of exams and sends an email to all students once the exam timetable is ready, usually during the last weeks of the semester.

Students are expected to be available at these times and to attend resit exams if required. Therefore, you should not arrange a flight home until you know precisely when your exams are scheduled.

Absence at exams on account of illness must be substantiated with a medical report, as outlined in the Code of Assessment. You will receive an email about these special procedures before the exam period.