University Of Glasgow Funding

University Of Glasgow Funding


As a commitment to both supporting new students and rewarding academic excellence, the University of Glasgow offers a wide range of financial support. The University also offers funding opportunities to its current students wanting to carry out a project or a piece of research away from the University.


We offer a range of bursaries, scholarships to well qualified students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

RUK Access Bursary

Glasgow has a long and proud tradition of providing financial support to talented students who (for reasons of financial hardship) might not be able to take a place at University. Our RUK Access Bursary is part of our commitment to continue to attract and support students from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Eligibility for this award is based on household-income:

Annual household incomeRUK Access Bursary for first year of studyRUK Access Bursary for years 2, 3, 4 where tuition fees of £9,250 apply
Less than £25,001£3,000£2,000
£25,001 – £35,000£2,000£1,000

There is no application for the RUK Access Bursary, the information you provide in your application for fees and/or cost-of-living support to Student Finance England/Northern Ireland/Wales will be used to assess your eligibility for the bursary.

If you are required to repeat any year of study, the RUK Bursary will not be awarded for that year, however any extenuating circumstances will be taken in to consideration. In this instance, please contact

University Of Glasgow Funding


  • The RUK Access Bursary will be awarded as a cash payment.
  • The RUK Access Bursary will be paid in 10 instalments from October 2017 until July 2018; this award is based on household income.
  • If your household income is less than £25,001, in Year 1 you will receive 10 payments of £300.00 and onwards from Year 2 you will receive 10 payments of £200.00.
  • If your household income is between £25,001- £35,000, in Year 1 you will receive 10 payments of £200.00 and onwards from Year 2 you will receive 10 payments of £100.00.
  • The RUK Access Bursary will only be awarded in years where tuition fees of £9,250 apply.

These payments will be credited to the UK bank account held on your MyCampus profile; therefore it is vital that this is up-to-date at the start of the session. By submitting your bank details on the MyCampus system, you are confirming that you agree with the terms and conditions of the award(s).

University Of Glasgow Funding

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