University Of Glasgow E-recruitment

University Of Glasgow E-recruitment

1. Where to Start? – How to Access the System

  • Enter your own username and password and click on the login button
  • Click on the e-recruitment link to be taken to the home page of i-Grasp

If a link to e-recruitment does not appear you may not have permission to access the system.  Please contact the HR Recruitment Section – 0141 330 3758


University Of Glasgow E-recruitment

2. Home Page – My Current Work

Once logged into the system the screen automatically defaults to your ‘Current Work’ which displays your current portfolio of work (all the unfilled vacancies that you are linked to).

If you are not currently linked to any vacancies this screen will show ‘No Records Found’.  If your vacancy does not appear please contact your Advertising Assistant (see section 10 for contact details).

From here you can access information quickly and easily with a single click.

For quick access to details of an individual vacancy click on the appropriate reference number located within your current work.

For quick access to the applications for an individual vacancy click on the blue/red people next to the appropriate reference number within your current work  .

‘Current Work’ is made up of the following sections: Positions, Applications, Interviews, Referrals, Approvals, Reference Checks and News.  These can be seen on the right hand side of your screen.

Displays all draft, request approval or live positions in which your involvement is needed.  HR Recruitment Team will add you to the ‘Team’ of a position in order for your positions to be displayed.

Displays all applications across all positions to which you are attached to the Team.