University Of Glasgow Dissertation

University Of Glasgow Dissertation

Honours Dissertations: Policies and Procedures

Please Read Carefully.

Notes on Completing the dissertation proposal formThis is an MS-Word document. You may (a) print it, then complete it on paper and submit to the Philosophy Department; or (b) complete it on-screen, then print and submit to the Philosophy Department; or (c) complete it on-screen, then send electronically as an attachment. If you send it electronically, you should first save it on your computer. Then send it to

I. The Place of the Dissertation in the Degree

1. All single honours philosophy students must submit a dissertation in philosophy.

2. Joint honours students must decide in which of their subjects to submit a dissertation. Joint honours students doing a dissertation (or equivalent independent work) in their other subject may not do a dissertation in philosophy.

3. Dissertations in philosophy must be submitted during the senior year.

4. The dissertation counts as one 20-credit course. The student must choose the semester in which he or she submits the dissertation. A single honours student undertaking the dissertation must take two lecture courses during the term of the dissertation, and three in the other (there is no analogous constraint on joint honours students).

University Of Glasgow Dissertation

II. Permissible Topics

       1. A dissertation must address a philosophical topic, with philosophical questions in mind.  Only philosophical content counts—not historical or sociological content, for example.  But of course these distinctions are sometimes matters of degree; in order to make sure that your topic and approach are sufficiently philosophical, you are encouraged to seek your supervisor’s guidance sooner rather than later in the dissertation schedule (see below).

2. The only restriction is that the student may not reuse material that he or she has already submitted as part of an essay topic, or select a topic that is substantially the same as an essay topic that has been assigned during that student’s time as an honours student. If it turns out that your topic happens to match an essay topic in a Senior Honours course that you are enrolled in, then you should ask the lecturer in the course for an alternative essay topic.