University Of Glasgow Computer Science

University Of Glasgow Computer Science

School of Computing Science

About us

     Since 1957, when Glasgow became the first university in Scotland to have an electronic computer, we have built a reputation for the excellence of our Computing Science research and our graduates. Today, our School of Computing Science is one of the foremost in the UK, setting itself the highest standards in research, and research-led learning and teaching.

ailable as MA and MA (Soc Sci) degrees in the Colleges of Arts and Social Sciences.

About our degree programmes

  Computing Science and Software Engineering are young and exciting disciplines which are rapidly evolving. They include, amongst other things, theoretical studies of algorithms, experimental investigations in areas ranging from human-computer interaction to network performance, and practical engineering challenges in designing and implementing efficient, reliable software to meet specifications.

Our programmes have consistently been designed to teach fundamental principles of computation and computing systems (e.g. modelling and abstraction, problem-solving, analysis of algorithms, etc), principles that are likely to endure. At the same time, our students gain experience of state-of-the-art computing technologies through practical and project work, and placements where available; but, more importantly, you learn how to adapt to the rapid rate of technological change. In essence, we will teach you how to learn, relearn and be flexible enough to adapt to individual environments within different organisations. We nurture lifelong learners,  teach general principles, and use a range of systems and tools as a medium to achieve this, rather than putting our primary focus on training you to use a specific tool or technology.

University Of Glasgow Computer Science

Graduates with degrees in these areas are highly employable and can look forward to well-paid careers designing and building the digital technologies that underpin the global economy and, indeed, every aspect of human activity from healthcare through music to making the natural environment sustainable.