University Of Glasgow Biochemistry

            University Of Glasgow Biochemistry

Biochemistry combines the study of the biology and chemistry of living organisms to allow us to understand the molecular basis of life.



You will have the opportunity to run your own experiments, collate and analyse your data and report results.



You will be given a general introduction to all aspects of modern biology and encouraged to acquire general scientific skills.


In semester 1, you will develop your knowledge of fundamental aspects of biology. In semester 2, you will be introduced to specialist subject areas according to your interests (e.g. animal biology; biomolecular sciences; human biology; infection biology).

You will also study other subjects in years 1 and 2: see Flexible degrees.

University Of Glasgow Biochemistry

YEARS 3, 4 AND 5

If you progress to Honours (years 3 and 4) you will focus on proteins and nucleic acids as the key molecules in understanding living organisms including viruses, bacteria, plants and animals, including humans. There is a strong emphasis on practical laboratory work, allowing you hands-on experience of major techniques including DNA technology, characterisation of proteins and bioinformatics.

Your fourth year will feature a research project, a dissertation, and four advanced-level Honours option courses.

Biochemistry can be taken as an MSci, which includes an additional placement year, between the third and final years of the degree. This is normally spent doing research in industry or some other organisation such as a research institute in the UK or overseas.

The list of available final-year optional courses is subject to change each year. In addition, places in optional courses may be limited so students are not guaranteed a place on a particular final-year option.


You will have the opportunity to apply to study abroad. There are currently two options available: the Erasmus+ Programme and the International Exchange Programme. See Study abroad.

University Of Glasgow Biochemistry


Academic entry requirements
for entry in 2017


  • Standard academic entry requirements: AAB.
  • Minimum academic entry requirements: BBB.
  • Other mandatory requirements: We expect that students will pass the practical assessment of A-level sciences. A-levels in Biology OR Human Biology OR Chemistry at grade B or above.


  • Standard academic entry requirements: S5 entry requirement = AAAA or AAABB.
  • Minimum academic entry requirements: S5 minimum requirement = ABBB. S5 & S6 cumulative requirement = AAAAAB.
  • Other mandatory requirements: Minimum of two science subjects, one of which must be Biology OR Human Biology OR Chemistry at grade B or above.

We adjust these entry requirements for eligible applicants, from AABB at S5/S6, based upon completion of a pre-entry programme. For pre-entry programme eligibility and adjusted grade requirements, see Access Glasgow.