University Of Glasgow Archaeology

University Of Glasgow Archaeology

Archaeology is the study of how people in the past interacted with their world, through a detailed study of their objects, sites and monuments, and the contemporary uses of heritage.



You will have the opportunity to gain practical fieldwork skills in the UK and also abroad. Recent students have worked in Cyprus, Greece, France
and Iceland.



You will study the social and cultural development of Scotland from the end of the last Ice Age until the modern era. You will also explore issues involved in the presentation, interpretation and relevance of the past in contemporary society.


You will study the archaeology of Europe and the Mediterranean, which introduces key research themes. You will also be introduced to concepts, theories and practical skills and techniques through which archaeologists understand past societies.

You will also study other subjects in years 1 and 2: see Flexible degrees.


If you progress to Honours (years 3 and 4) you can choose courses that explore key themes in landscape, material culture and religion, as well as studies of specific periods and areas such as British prehistory, Celtic and Viking archaeology, historical archaeology in the Eastern Mediterranean, public archaeology, archaeological science, and landscape archaeology. You must take core courses on archaeological theory and principles in third year.

You will also complete a dissertation based on an original piece of research, and undertake a range of practical work based on your own excavation and fieldwork experiences.


Throughout the programme we emphasise that you should gain practical heritage work experience including field archaeological techniques.

We provide day and residential fieldtrips for our students to archaeological sites, landscapes, museums and other heritage venues.

You will also be able to take part in current staff research projects including survey and excavation as well as legacy and collection-based projects and gain personal work experience in various heritage and museum organisations through our network of placement providers.

University Of Glasgow Archaeology


Our students have studied for a year at universities in Ireland, Sweden, North America and Australia. You will also have opportunities to work on field projects elsewhere in Europe and the Mediterranean.


Academic entry requirements
for entry in 2017

Applicants to subject-combinations with Psychology must meet the Psychology degree programmeentry requirements.

BSc (Hons)


  • Standard academic entry requirements: AAB.
  • Minimum academic entry requirements: BBB.
  • Other mandatory requirements: Minimum of one relevant science subject required. We expect that students will pass the practical assessment of A-level sciences.

University Of Glasgow Archaeology


  • Standard academic entry requirements: S5 entry requirement = AAAA or AAABB.
  • Minimum academic entry requirements: S5 minimum requirement = ABBB. S5 & S6 cumulative requirement = AAAAAB
  • Other mandatory requirements: Minimum of two science subjects, one of which is relevant to the programme applied for.

We adjust these entry requirements for eligible applicants, from AABB at S5/S6, based upon completion of a pre-entry programme.  For pre-entry programme eligibility and adjusted grade requirements, see Access Glasgow.


Many of our graduates find employment in the cultural heritage sector, and many other employers value the transferable skills that an archaeology degree offers such as teamworking, practical problem solving and critical analysis.