University Of Glasgow Academic Calendar

University Of Glasgow Academic Calendar


   The Exams team is a small group of dedicated staff members within Registry. Our aim within the Unviersity is to support Students by providing detailed information about exams.

We are responsible for:

  • Timetabling degree exams in December, April/May and August exam diets,
  • Making exam arrangements for students that require additonal support,
  • Scheduling and allocation of invigilators,
  • Providing the Student Loans Company (SLC) with a list of the University’s Full Time and Part Time funded programs,
  • Point of contact for students that are enrolled in resit examinations, and
  • International resit arrangements.

If you would like to find out more on anything that we do please see the below links.

Session dates

NB: Students should be aware that some Colleges operate to a slightly different timetable and should confirm the dates shown here with their School or Adviser of Studies before making travel arrangements at the beginning or end of the session.

Session Dates for Other Programmes

Visiting Students: Please be aware that your start dates may differ from those shown here. Please refer to the Study Abroad website for the dates relating to your specific study programme at the University of Glasgow.

Other key dates:

Please note that all graduation and examination enquiries should be directed to Registry, and not to Senate Office who do not hold graduation and examination details.

University Of Glasgow Academic Calendar

Before you graduate

General Council

Medium image of graduation dayIf you are graduating from the University for the first time you must enrol as a member of the General Council of the University. You must also pay the General Council Registration Fee.

If you already hold a University of Glasgow degree you will already be a member of the General Council and do not need to pay a further fee.

Membership is compulsory. The General Council is a statutory body and plays a part in the government of the University. This requirement is set out in Regulation XII “Graduation and General Council Membership” of the “University Fees and General Information for Students” section of the University Calendar.

The General Council registration fee:

  • Registration fee:   £50.00
  • When to pay:  Pay during graduation enrolment
  • How to pay:  Pay in MyCampus by debit or credit card

The fee provides for life membership of the General Council of the University.

General Council benefits

All members:

  • can take part in meetings of the General Council, which take place twice a year, and
  • receive the graduate magazine “Avenue” (issued twice a year).


If you have an outstanding tuition debt to the University you will not be allowed to enrol for graduation or graduate.       Information on the Student Debt Policy.

Please ensure that:

Medium image of graduation ceremony

  • you have paid all outstanding tuition debts before you enrol,
  • you have returned all library books and any other University property before you graduate.

Graduation in-absentia

If you do not wish to attend the ceremony you can graduate in-absentia and the University will post your degree parchment to you.

If you enrol to attend your graduation ceremony and fail to turn up on the day without prior notification to the Registry, your graduation will be treated as in-absentia.

We will post your parchment:

  • to your home address, or
  • to the address on your graduation enrolment (if you enrolled online)

within 7-10 working days of the date of your graduation ceremony.