University Of Glasgow 1098-t

By | 1st June 2017

University Of Glasgow 1098-t

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Tax Benefits 1098T

1098-T Tuition Statements for 2016

1098-T Tuition Statements for 2016 will be mailed by January 31st, 2017. Students may access 1098-T statements online through Duckweb.

Students may view theirs by following the directions below:

  • Log in to Duckweb
  • Select “Student Menu”
  • Select “Tax Notification – 1098-T”
  • Enter the desired tax year
  • Click Submit

IRS Form 1098-T Tuition Statement

The 1098-T tax form is a statement of qualified tuition and fees charged by the University of Oregon that is provided to the student as well as reported and filed with the IRS. As an eligible educational institution, the University is required by law to provide 1098-T Tuition Statements to students who were enrolled in courses at the University during the calendar year. The 1098-T is intended to assist you in calculating your eligibility for tax credits. By law, the University must have the 1098-T forms mailed by January 31st for the prior years taxes. The 1098-T tax form contains the filers (University of Oregon) address, Federal Tax ID number and contact information, along with the students name, address, social security number, and enrollment status. More importantly, the 1098-T tax form contains the qualified tuition and related expenses billed to the student by the University of Oregon during the calendar year. It also contains the amount of scholarships or grants posted to the student account during the calendar year. Qualified tuition and related expenses are defined by the IRS as tuition and fees a student must pay to be enrolled at or attend an eligible educational institution. In general, not all charges incurred during a calendar year will meet IRS requirements, which is why the figure in Box 2 will probably not match total charges for the calendar year.

University Of Glasgow 1098-t

1098-T Information Reported

The IRS requires each eligible educational institution to report payments received (Box 1) or amounts billed (Box 2) for qualified educational expenses. The majority of colleges and universities elect to report amounts billed for qualified educational expenses.

  • Box 1Payments Received for Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses: This box will be blank because the University of Oregon has elected to report amounts billed.
  • Box 2Amounts Billed for Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses: This box includes Tuition, Mandatory Fees (Building Fee,Incidental Fee and Rec Center Bond Fee), Resource Fees, Matriculation Fees, Honors College Fee, Tuition Refund Penalties, and Mandatory Fee Refund Penalties.
  • Box 3Checkbox for Change of Reporting Method: This box will only be checked if the University of Oregon changes the reporting method (payments received or amounts billed).
  • Box 4Adjustments Made for a Prior Year: This box is used to report reductions in qualified charges posted to your account previously reported in prior years.
  • Box 5Scholarships or Grants: This box reports the amount of scholarships or grants posted to your account during the calendar year.University Of Glasgow 1098-t
  • Box 6Adjustments to Scholarships or Grants for a Prior Year: This box is used to report reductions to scholarships or grants previously reported in prior years.
  • Box 7Checkbox for Amounts for an Academic Period Beginning in January through March of 2_ _ _ (the following calendar year): This box will be checked if qualified tuition and related expenses are billed in one year, but the academic period begins January through March of the following year. Example: Winter term charges are billed in December but classes begin in January.
  • Box 8Check if at Least Half-Time Student: This box will be checked if the student was at least a half-time student during any academic period during the calendar year.
  • Box 9Check if a Graduate Student: This box will be checked if the student was a graduate student; if the student was enrolled in a program or programs leading to a graduate-level degree, graduate level certificate, or other recognized graduate level educational credential.
  • Box 10Insurance Contract Reimbursements or Refunds: This box will be blank.

University Of Glasgow 1098-t

Duplicate Copies

Copies of 2010 through 2016 1098-T Tuition Statements are available online through Duckweb from the Student Menu.

1098-T Tuition Statements prior to 2010 are not available online. Students and authorized payers can request duplicate copies by contacting a representative in the Student Billing Department at 541-346-3170 or by email at:

The following information is required to process your request: the student’s name and UO ID number, tax year of the 1098-T that you are requesting, a daytime contact phone number for the student or authorized payer and the mailing address* where you would like the duplicate 1098-T mailed. Please allow 5-7 business days to process your request.

* Please note that we can only mail out duplicate 1098-T tax forms to an address that is already established in our system. For a new address, students must first update or add the address through Duckweb prior to requesting a duplicate tax form.

Contact Information

University of Oregon employees cannot offer tax advice. However, if you have questions about the information provided on form 1098-T, you may contact a University of Oregon representative after February 1st at (541) 346-3170 or by email at: