University of Exeter Nightlife

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University of Exeter Nightlife

It’s probably fair to say that this will be the most well-read section of this guide to Exeter. Nights out are rarely far from the agenda at university, and the variety on offer in Exeter makes it a great time for anyone. Whether you want sophisticated wine bars, a laid-back club, a dingy pub, or just somewhere to sit with friends, you won’t have to look hard. Do drink responsibly, but while you’re drinking responsibly, these are the best places to do it.

University of Exeter Nightlife


The pubs mentioned below are great when you’re flitting between places during the evening, but especially so for when you want to get a table, and sit with friends all night. Make sure you have ID, as Exeter pubs are generally very attentive on the door.

A gem sooner or later discovered by almost everyone, The Firehouse sits comfortably between restaurant and pub. As a general rule, it’s considered to be a pub that does excellent food – the pizza served late in the evenings is legendary – but if you see the number of people coming through the doors for a hearty Sunday roast you may wonder. Either way, it’s the best of both, and perfect for a long night with friends. Regular weekly slots are filled with live music (get there before 8 on these days or there is a small charge, normally a pound or so) and there is a cosy outdoor spot for summer evenings too. Wine is cheap and the staple drink here, but there are beers, ales and soft drinks all at reasonable prices for a relaxed night out.


Admittedly, Exeter doesn’t have a reputation for being a clubber’s paradise. Yet, you won’t find this perception amongst students, who soon learn otherwise. Here is a flavour of just some of the student favourites, and watch out for the Baywatch theme, club nights in Exeter rarely pass-by without it.