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Library and Culture Services is part of Education and Student Experience and includes two groups of staff and services:

University of Exeter Library and Research Support

LRS is a member of Research Libraries UK and has a confident future developing learning opportunities and enabling research.

Our team manages and runs the library service including providing all the resources needed for teaching and learning, support for Colleges and their research, learning and teaching activities and supporting all our users with their information needs.

Arts and Culture Services

Arts and Culture teams are responsible for University’s arts programmes and activities for students, staff and the public in support of education and research. Arts & Culture has a clear vision for the future with a vibrant cultural offer celebrating our research and involving our students.

Library & Culture Services’ teams are complementary, focusing on the University’s learning and research, with responsibility for collections, spaces and support for students and researchers.

Using the Library

Exeter Libraries


How many?


How long?

Recall or hold?



Staff50 Standard 1 yearAll loan periods are reduced to 7 days, when holds or recalls are in placeYes, renew if not reserved50 pence per day, when recalled
PGR40 Standard1 year
PGT / PGCE40Standard6 weeks
UG / INTO20Standard6 weeks
Everyone 4 x High demand, as part of your total2 daynoneNo renewals50 pence per day
Everyone 4 x Audio visual, as part of your total7 daynoneYes, renew if not reserved50 pence per day, when recalled
  • Standard: Print book or print journal
  • High Demand: Print book, print journal, DVD, other – Shelved in entrance area, marked with red dot
  • Videos (VHS) – Only staff are allowed to borrow VHS

Cornwall Libraries

Standard loan periods are the same with slight variation in High demand and Audio-visual material. please see Penryn Campus Library – Loan periods.