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University of Exeter Joint Honours

University of Exeter Joint Honours

Flexible Combined Honours (FCH) at the University of Exeter offers a unique programme structure, which will appeal to you if you wish to study a diverse range of subjects or if you are not absolutely sure what disciplines you want to concentrate on.

The FCH degree enables you to develop a particular blend of knowledge and skills in line with your own subject interests and career objectives. You are guided in this development throughout your degree by the FCH staff, academic staff in each of your subject areas (FCH subject coordinators) and your personal tutor. All are there to help you choose the most appropriate academic pathways and to get the most out of your degree and time at Exeter.

At its simplest level, FCH allows you to combine two subjects for which there is no currently existing ‘established’ Combined Honours degree at the University of Exeter, for example, Geography and Economics or Management and German.

You can study a related or diverse range of subjects from those offered by most of the Colleges of the University. This includes combining subjects across the areas of arts/humanities, sciences and social sciences. This enables you to create degrees as diverse as Biosciences and Theology or Psychology and Management.

Alternatively, you can take a thematically linked programme of modules from a variety of departments, to create your own unique, and specifically named, degree programme. Such thematic pathways can form the whole of each academic year or part of it. For example, to follow a degree in International Relations combined with a pathway in Military History, or Geography combined with a pathway in Middle East Politics. Usually students start with a combination of ‘established’ subjects and then create thematic pathways from their second year.

The title of your degree will reflect your areas of study, for example BA (Hons) in International Relations and Law, BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Theology or BA (Hons) in Mediterranean History.

You can study on the FCH degree from your first year or transfer onto it later. If you entered the University on another degree programme and you find it does not allow you to follow the particular interests you wish to pursue, transferring to FCH from your second year can allow you to develop a programme better matched to your own particular interests and ambitions. FCH can be taken either full- or part-time.