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Travel Insurance

Staff and post-graduate students of the University who travel overseas on University business are eligible to apply for insurance cover under the University’s travel policy. If your trip is covered in this way, but you are experiencing problems due to the severe weather and its effects on flights, you may find the following advice helpful.

Frequently asked questions

Receipts and documents

It is vital that claimants retain evidence of the original flight details, and the rearranged flight details. Please also try to obtain evidence from the airline confirming the reason for the delay. Claims for additional expenditure will have to be supported by receipts.

Emergency assistance

The insurer’s emergency assistance line is +44 (0)20 7173 7796. The policy number is UKBBB00303.

Making a claim

Please fill in this Cancellation claim form. When you return to the UK, please complete the form and send it to:

Insurance & Business Continuity Services
University of Exeter
Streatham Farm
Prince of Wales Road

Tel : +44 (0)1392 723087

You will need to attach the following documents to support the claim:

  • Original itinerary details and receipts
  • Rearranged itinerary details and receipts
  • Statement from the airline confirming the reason for the delay (if possible)
  • If you were not able to accept the rescheduled flight offered by your airline, please provide a statement outlining the reasons
  • Copy of documentation from airline / travel agent confirming the amount of the refund, or explanation if no refund is offered
  • Accommodation receipts (if additional accommodation was required)
  • The reference number issued to you when we confirmed that the travel insurance was in place for your trip

This information will help us to make it clear to our insurer exactly how much we are claiming and why.