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University of Exeter History Modules

History level 1 undergraduate modules

These History modules were available to undergraduate students during the current and previous academic years. While they are representative of the choices which will be available to you during your degree, you should note that modules may change depending on the research interests of staff.

Level 1 modules

Core modules

Module Credits
Approaches to History 15
Making History 15

Sources and skills modules

Module Credits
‘War without Hate’: The North African Campaign, 1940-1943 15
A History of Children and Childhood in Modern Europe 15
Being Poor in England in the Long Eighteenth Century 15
Britain, America, and the Global Order, 1846-1946 15
British Naval Power in the Age of Nelson 15
Colonial Violence: From ‘Pacification’ to Counter-Insurgency 15
Early Modern Venice: Representations and Myths 15
Enterprising Britain; Culture and Commerce in the 19th Century 15
Everyday Experiences of the English Civil War 15
Free Nelson Mandela: The Anti-Apartheid Struggle in South Africa and Beyond 15
From Bound Feet to ‘Half the Sky’: Women and Modern China 15
From Wigan Pier to Piccadilly: Britain Between The Wars 15
Global Medicine: Historical Sources and Problems 15
India before the British – The Mughal Empire and its Rivals, 1526-1857 15
JFK 15
Ladies of the Night: Prostitution in the Victorian World 15
Losing an Empire, Finding a Role: Britain Since 1945 15
Magic and Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe 15
Race and Immigration in Britain Since World War II 15
Reforging the Union: The Reconstruction Era in American History, 1865-1877 15
Renaissance Florence 1350-1550 15
Restoration London: Plague, Fire and History 15
Serfdom in Late Medieval England 15
Spain and the New World 15
The Age of Superman: The Masculine Ideal under Fascism and Socialism 1932-45 15
The Body in Eighteenth-Century Britain 15
The First Crusade 15
The First Day of the Somme 15
The Good War? the United States in World War II 15
The Habsburg Monarchy of Austria-Hungary 1867-1918 15
The Norman Conquest 15
The Opium War: Britain and the Birth of Modern China, 1839-1842 15
The Rise and Demise of the Raj: India, 1857-1947 15
The Strange Death of Liberal England, 1900-1945 15
The Supernatural in Early Modern England 15
The Two Island Empires: Anglo-Japanese Encounters 1600-2000 15
The Viking Phenomenon 15
Vichy France 1940-1944 15
Violent Justice, Legal Reform and Revolutionary Terror: Law in Eighteenth-Century France 15

Understanding modules

Module Credits
Understanding the Medieval and Early-Modern World 30
Understanding the Modern World 30

No group specified

Module Credits
A History of Epidemics from the Plague to Zika 15
Experiencing Empire: Britain and the World, 1500-1800 15

Level 2 modules

Core modules

Module Credits
Doing History: Perspectives on Sources 30
Uses of the Past 30