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University of Exeter Health Centre


Please call the surgery on 01392 676606 or book an appointment online. We will try and schedule a consultation according to you and our timetable and taking into account the nature or urgency of your problem.

Please tell reception if you are in pain or distress or feel acutely unwell.

Opening Times


8.45am – 6.00pm


7.00am – 6.00pm


8.45am – 6.00pm


8.45am – 7.30pm


8.45am – 6.00pm

See the Vacation timetable section for differing times out of term time.

Registering with us

Please register with us as soon as possible online at

We strongly encourage students coming to the University of Exeter to register with us. This allows us to offer you care during your time in Exeter with access to your full medical records. You will still be able to see your home GP during vacations as a temporary resident.

If you need medicals, certificates for employment, travel services/vaccinations or wish us to write to a university department if you are unwell we can only do this if you are registered with us. Patients with chronic medical conditions who are seeing hospital specialists can choose to continue to see their home specialist or request through us to transfer their care to a specialist in Exeter.

When you register we create confidential computer medical records which we can access immediately if you are seen. For UK students we also obtain your medical records from your previous GP. Registering in advance allows us to have this information on our system to offer you a prompt and efficient service – it is not easy to complete the registration process if you are unwell and need to be seen so it is better to do this in advance – ideally as soon as your place at university is confirmed. Do not wait until you feel ill!

Please note – the Student Health Centre is mainly for students studying on the Streatham Campus. Students studying on St Luke’s Campus usually register at the Heavitree Health Centre which is much closer to that campus. Students at Tremough Campus in Cornwall need to register at the Penryn Surgery