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University of Exeter Grand Challenges

University of Exeter Grand Challenges

Shortlisted for the global Reimagine Education award 2016 (in the ‘Cultivating Curiosity’ category), unique to Exeter, and linking strongly with the Education Strategy Graduate Attributes, Grand Challenges is an interdisciplinary, enquiry led learning experience which improves your employability. During Grand Challenges Week you choose from a range of global issues and, supported by leading academics and external specialists, you carry out group research in order to create a solution to your challenge.

Take part in Grand Challenges Week

The week is packed with activities involving leading academics, external specialists (from the government, NGOs, Charities, potential employers), events, skills workshops and a showcase at the end.  Plus you’ll have something to put on your CV straight away. All undergraduates can take part in Grand Challenges Week. On Streatham it will run 5 – 9 June 2017, just after most disciplines’ exams finish, whilst on Penryn it will coincide with field trips 12 – 16 June 2017.

Streatham Students can pick from one of five Challenges for 2017:

  • Climate change: mitigation, adaption or geo-engineering?
  • Food for Thought: Securing Sustainable Food Systems in the 21st Century
  • Global security: confronting the complex security challenges of the future
  • Mental Health: The Treatment Gap
  • The Business of Brexit

Whilst Penryn students can either choose from Grand Challenges Cornwall, looking at sustainable food production in the 21st Century, hosted on the Penryn Campus, or choose from Global Security, Mental Health, Business of Brexit or Climate Change on Streatham, and have transport and accomodation paid for. Find out more on the Challenge pages!