University of Exeter Financial Statements

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University of Exeter Financial Statements

University of Exeter Financial Statements

The University of Exeter’s financial statements can be viewed below. You can search for financial statements from other Universities on the British Universities Finance Directors Group(BUFDG) website.


The financial statements include:

  • Officers and Officials of the University
  • Business Review
  • Public Benefit Statement
  • Corporate Governance and Statement of Internal Control
  • Membership of Council
  • Responsibilities of the Council of the University
  • Report of the Auditors
  • Statement of Principal Accounting Policies
  • Consolidated Income and Expenditure Account
  • Statement of Consolidated Total Recognised Gains and Losses
  • Balance Sheets
  • Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
  • Notes to the Accounts
  • Five Year Summary Accounts

A Summary Statement is also available.

How The University of Exeter earned its money in 2015/16

About half our income comes from teaching and half from a variety of other sources, including research. Research creates new knowledge and this informs the suite of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching we offer. As Government reduces the amount of teaching grants they provide universities, replaced by tuition fee income, that puts students at the heart of what we do.

How we earned our money in 2015/16 £m
Tuition fees 203.5
Residences, catering and conferences 24.8
Funding body grants 46.3
Other income 28.0
Income from health authorities 3.1
Other services rendered 2.8
Investments and interest income 1.2
Research grants and contracts 61.4
 Total 371.1