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Online Expenses System – User Guidance

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Access the online expenses system or view the the expenses and purchasing card policy. To request for someone to be set up as a delegate to enter expenses on your behalf please log a SID call.

Comprehensive guidance on the claim submission process is available through the below links. For extra information relating to fully electronic claim processing, please refer to the appropriate ‘Submitting an expense claim’ section below the user guide links.

Claimant guides

Released in January 2017, the ‘Expenses Mobile’ app which has replaced Expenses360, is now available to download.‌ Those already using Expenses360 can continue to do so, or instead install Expenses Mobile. Only generic guidance for the new ‘Expenses Mobile’ app is available currently.‌

University of Exeter Expenses, Approver guides

Submitting an expense claim (college staff)

Staff in CLES, HUMS, SSIS, Business School and Medical School have the option of submitting ‘College’ claims fully electronically instead of sending a claim printout and original receipts to their finance team. However, for ‘Research Grant’ claims, the aforementioned paperwork should continue to be submitted to the appropriate finance team location. CEMPS claimants should continue to send a claim printout with original receipts attached for ALL claims until further notice.

Cash claims should never contain a mix of ‘College’ and ‘Research Grant’ expenses