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University of Exeter ELE

University of Exeter ELE

Exeter Learning Environment (ELE) provides access to online materials which support your course here at Exeter University. In addition to materials which accompany most individual degree modules, ELE also includes more general resources to aid you in your studies.

About ELE

ELE is the University of Exeter’s on-line Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It provides an online set of integrated tools to support e-Learning activities and enables students to access course materials and use tools such as Discussion Forums and Quizzes to interact online.

Central administration of the ELE service is provided by the Academic Systems team, whilst end-user support is provided by the Educational Enhancement e-Learning team.

Who Uses ELE

The ELE service is used by all students, staff and associates within the University.

It can be accessed via

ELE Features

ELE contains the elements you would expect to find in a VLE, along with online management and administration facilities associated with delivering online courses. The tools can be summarised as follows:

Course materials and administration tools:

  • Course materials including text, graphics, audio and video.
  • Course material can be organised into topics.
  • Courses can be linked to other online resources.
  • Students can add their own ‘notes’ to course material.
  • Staff and students can monitor progress and grades.


  • Synchronous on-line Chat
  • Asynchronous discussion groups
  • Online whiteboards can be made available for use by students and instructor

Assessment tools:

  • Diagnostic and formative quizzes.
  • Online assignment submission and marking.
  • Statistics and progress tracking.