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University of Exeter Degree Classification

University of Exeter Degree Classification 6.1

When you have completed the various stages of your programme successfully, you will receive the award towards which you have been studying (normally Hons Degree). You will be given that award with a particular ‘classification’ (e.g. you might be awarded a first-class or lower second degree, or a Certificate or MA with distinction, depending on the marks you have received for relevant modules).

The College observes the standard University Assessment Procedures. These set out the detailed rules by which your eligibility for a particular award is judged, and the classification of that award calculated.

For more information on assessment procedures please see the University UG Assessment Procedures and the PG Taught Assessment Procedures.

PG Taught Assessment Procedures.

The Postgraduate Administration Office manages the award of PGT students – you may find their useful.

Taught postgraduate degrees and awards assessment procedures

Your programme or College handbook should provide detailed information about your College arrangements for assessment. The University regulations and policies on assessment are contained within the Teaching Quality Assurance Manual.

To ensure parity of treatment for all students, the University has adopted a common set of assessment procedures for its taught postgraduate programmes. These regulations provide the rules for how your taught masters degree or award is decided, covering important areas such as:

  • definitions of nomenclature (including deferral, referral, condonement)
  • condonement
  • assessment schemes
  • award criteria
  • re-assessment procedures
  • the communication of decisions

Each College will supplement these procedures with a more detailed assessment marking strategy with the marking criteria specific to a College set out in the College or Programme handbook.

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