University of Exeter Crest

university of exeter logo

University of Exeter Crest

University of Exeter Crest

The logo is an elegant typographic solution in the Poetica font which makes use of the distinctive letter X in our name. The principal version is in black with the X in the University’s corporate blue. A mono version and reversed out version are also available.


To ensure that the logo is legible, the minimum size at which the logo can be used is 30mm in width.


The logo should always be ranged left, with top left being the principal position. When the logo is in a contact detail block, eg in posters and invitations it may appear bottom left. No other position is allowed.

To maintain the integrity of the University’s identity the logo must stand in a clear space which is defined by the height of the E. No graphic, photographic or typographic elements must appear within this space.

In this diagram x = height of E.

Use with other logos

Partnerships, sponsorships, accreditations and awards regularly require that the University logo sits alongside one or more other logos which may require an adjustment to our size and positioning rules. Please contact the Design Studio for advice.

Unacceptable usage

The logo should only be reproduced from the master artwork and should never be recreated or altered. In particular:

  • The logo may only be used in its entirety. DO NOT use any part of the logo including the X separately.
  • DO NOT put the logo in a box or other device.
  • DO NOT alter the font or colours.
  • DO NOT alter the proportions of the logo.
  • DO NOT add anything to the logo.
  • DO NOT put the logo on a cluttered background image.
  • Make sure that the logo is visible against the background colour.