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Business School Career Zone appointment bookings system.

To choose & book your appointment please use the links to the relevant staff below:

Booking an appointment (undergraduates)

To book an appointment for help with CVs, covering letters, application forms, job hunting please choose the relevant link below:

(The Business School Careers Team (UG): (Left to right) Caroline, Jenny, Ann, Dominic, Steph, Emma, Jess)

Booking an appointment (postgraduates)

EFMD Global Talent Portal

EFMD Global Talen Portal offers a careers portal, connecting you with global opportunities. The Corporate Members of EFMD Global Network have access to the portal to post theircurrent placements and job opportunities. Since you are a student of a member school of

EFMD Global Network, you can activate and log into your personal portal to find internship, trainee positions, apprenticeships and graduate positions that are relevant to you from companies around the world.

The portal also has an online assessment test you will find in your career portal will provide you with a 17 page career report based on the test taken. The report will be for your personal use only and will not be shared with any school administration or companies. It is a tool to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

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City Careers Insights Series

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