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BART is a web based system that manages the receipting and subsequent processing of written coursework. The system was developed in 2004 in the College of Humanities but has since been adopted by all colleges across the whole of the University of Exeter in both the Exeter and Cornwall campuses.


Students see a schedule, in chronological order, of all the written assessment items due for submission in the current academic year. Students may be required to submit assignments electronically or by paper.

When items have been submitted the student can log back in and check the submission time. Late submissions are indicated, and there is a system for handling mitigation and extensions. The student can see what extensions have been granted and why

Paper submissions

Students will print off a bar-coded cover sheet which they attach to their work prior to submission.

Online submissions

Students are not required to print their work but instead submit their assignment online through uploading their work electronically to BART.

For more information on how to submit online please refer to the online submission handbook and summary sheet

Online Submission Student Guidelines Handbook

Online Submission Student Summary Sheet

Login to access BART


Before submission, staff can use BART to set up and amend paper or electronic module assignments and add students to modules etc.

Following submission, there are tools for the onward management of submitted coursework: the distribution of work to markers; the collection and collation of marks; the sending of automated non-submission warning emails, and so on.

The cover sheet in most cases includes a ‘feedback form’ to be filled in by the marker (the layout of the form is tailored to individual schools, departments or modules).