University of Exeter 2017 Graduation Dates

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University of Exeter 2017 Graduation Dates

Exeter ceremonies timetable

Ceremonies will take place in the Great Hall on Streatham Campus.Joint Honours and Flexible Combined Honours students: you will graduate in the ceremony for your major subject (the subject you have achieved the most credits in).

University of Exeter 2017 Graduation Dates

Monday 17 July 2017
9.00am Computer Sciences
Natural Sciences
11.45am Engineering
3.00pm Art History & Visual Culture
Drama (including English and Drama)
Liberal Arts
Tuesday 18 July 2017
9.00am Arab & Islamic Studies
Modern Languages
11.45am History
3.00pm English
Wednesday 19 July 2017
9.00am Education
11.45am Law
3.00pm Geography
Thursday 20 July 2017
9.00am Medical School
Sport and Health Sciences
11.45am Biosciences
3.00pm Management
Friday 21 July 2017
9.00am Accounting
Business Economics
11.45am Economics
3.00pm Peninsula College Medicine and Dentistry

University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is a public research university in Exeter, Devon, South West England, United Kingdom. The university was founded and received its Royal Charter in 1955, although its predecessor institutions, the Royal Albert Memorial College and the University College of the South West of England, were established in 1900 and 1922 respectively. In post-nominals, the University of Exeter is abbreviated as Exon. (from the Latin Exoniensis), and is the suffix given to honorary and academic degrees from the university.

The university has four campuses: Streatham and St Luke’s (both of which are in Exeter); and Truro and Penryn (both of which are in Cornwall). The university is centred in the city of Exeter, Devon, where it is the principal higher education institution. Streatham is the largest campus containing many of the university’s administrative buildings, and is regarded as the most beautiful in the country. The Penryn campus is maintained in conjunction with Falmouth University under the Combined Universities in Cornwall (CUC) initiative.