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Whether you are new to the society or have been a member with us before, hello and welcome! <3 We hope this page finds you well.


First of all, here’s a little snippet about us:

The Yoga & Meditation society is a friendly and open network for like-minded members with similar goals of mental and physical well-being. We practice a variation of yoga and meditation classes, so there is something for everyone to enjoy!



Our values and what we aim to offer:

One of the core values of the Yoga & Meditation society is that we welcome members from all walks of life to participate in our activities and events, no matter their previous experience or unique ideas. You can be a beginner or an expert to the practice, yet the society accepts and appreciates each and every one of you.

We offer different levels of yoga classes, varied and interesting meditation groups, topic discussions, mindful colouring sessions, and cooking get-togethers. Exclusively for members, we are also hoping to provide yoga programmes that can be carried out at home, known as the ‘Movement for Modern Life’. From these methods and sessions we aim to help our community have a happier and healthier university experience, by providing a platform where we can learn, develop, and socialise.

Coming to, and being at university, is such an exciting time yet it can sometimes be very overwhelming, and you may feel like you need the opportunity to just take a breath and chill-out, either on your own or with others. The society gives you this opportunity, which aims to create a space for support and solidarity with ‘discussion circles’ and support groups, where members can gather and safely share their experiences, worries, and any concerns.

The Programme:

We will hold a range of different sessions and  classes so that you are able to pick and choose  what works for you. For instance, you may just  want to attend our meditation sessions only, or you may want to attend everything! Either way, we’re always happy to see you, whatever you wish to attend.

Yoga classes and meditation sessions will be taught by qualified teachers (from both internally/externally to the University). Additionally, if you would like to help run a session or have any ideas, by all means get in contact with us and we can get something sorted!

Meditation sessions will be free, but yoga classes will be operated on a donation pot basis. This means pay what you think the session was worth, such as a sensible fee of £2 or £3. This is not compulsory, but it’s a nice gesture as our teachers are putting in their own time to organise and run classes for you 🙂 Therefore any donations would go to the teacher not to us.

More details of specific classes/sessions/events will be posted on our Facebook page and emailed out to those on the mailing list. Drop us a message if you would like to be added to the mailing list!


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