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University of Essex Values

University of Essex Values

School of Health and Human Sciences

Our values

NHS Constitution

Take a look at these short films, produced by HEEoE on behalf of HEE, explaining the NHS Constitution and values. You can view them on their YouTube channel.

We are committed to embedding the NHS Constitution and Values (which are strongly reflected in our University values) into everything we do. They define the behaviours and expectations of all our staff and students and underpin the work we do in the University, clinical arena and other workplaces.

We understand that not all of our students and staff are employed within the NHS, but these values uphold the underlying principles of excellent care as a standard and as such we expect that anyone who has any aspect of their work which ultimately cares for others will aspire to upholding these values.

NHS and our core values

From the moment we receive your application we look at how you demonstrate the NHS and University core values:

  • ability to work with others
  • working with compassion, respect and and dignity
  • everyone counts
  • courage and energy to grow with us
  • challenging us and exploring what it means to have a career in the health, social care or voluntary sector
  • finding ways to shape and improve lives
  • commitment to quality of care

From course application, throughout your studies at Essex, and on to job application and professional development – these core values are implicit to who we are and how we work.

Once you are a member of our School we actively nurture and role model these values in everything we do. We collaborate across professions to ensure you work with us in a realistic environment, improving not only your lives but those of your future service users. We aim for all our students to become critical, informed, global citizens with the integrity, awareness and tolerance.

A member of our University for life

When you come to the end of your course, that isn’t the end. You are part of something bigger, a member of our University for life. In addition, these values become part of who you are and what you do every day in your personal and professional life.

Keep in touch and tell us how you are doing. We also encourage you to come back and further develop your professional skills or participate in research within the area you work. You could also work with our future students by passing on your expert knowledge and experience to future generations of health, social care and voluntary organisations.

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