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About ORB

ORB (Online Resource Bank), formerly the CMR, is a service that provides a number of related functions:

  • It provides a space for educational resources specific to individual modules:
    • a Moodle file repository, storing files that are too large, numerous, or unweildly for Moodle;
    • simple hosting, for educational resources that are unsuitable for Moodle;
  • It provides a space for support materials; such as past examination papers, reading lists, etc.
  • It maintains a list of modules and educational resources; which are personalised and presented to students via the My Essex student portal.

ORB is a relatively simple space. Unlike virtual learning environments (VLE) or specialist software, ORB cannot provide elements of interactive learning such as discussion forums.

For more information about this service, including frequently asked questions (FAQ), guidance for staff, and a list of all resources, please see the navigation.


ORB is currently showing information for the 2016/17 and 2017/18 academic years. A breakdown of this information is shown below:

Module materials location 2016/17 2017/18
Nothing available 1,836 1,836
Moodle 1,175 1,173
Elsewhere (not in ORB or Moodle) 51 51
ORB (standalone hosting) 1,295 1,295