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University of Essex Kickboxing


Training Sesions: 

Mondays 8-10 pm Activity Hall 1

Thursdays 4-6 pm Activity Hall 2

Saturdays 11-1 pm Activity Hall 1

About the sport and the clubKick-boxing is a combat sport that combines western boxing with techniques from Asian martial arts. Therefore, apart from punching it also involves various kicking techniques as well as the use of knee strikes. The kick-boxing club is one of the university’s most popular clubs and attracts lots of students every year.

Training includes work on technique, physical conditioning, and sparring (optional). It is very exciting and safe and you don’t need to have previous experience in order to join. If you want to try something new, want to get fitter, stronger, faster and more flexible or want to compete, then joining the kick-boxing club might be the right option for you.

We strongly encourage new members to join the Kick-Boxing club since we offer many different training courses, which promise newcomers to become familiar and gain fighting experience quickly. Advanced members with previous experience in Kick-Boxing, or other martial arts, can quickly become familiar with the training routines, and they are going to be separated from the rest (beginners).

A number of the advanced members are going to be selected to represent the Essex Kick-Boxing Team, to compete against other universities. In 2012, we obtained second place in the UCL (University Combat League) for K-1 Kickboxing and through hard work we hope to achieve first in the next tournament.


The club provides most of the necessary equipment, but members are advised to have their own. The club’s equipment consists of items such as:

  • Boxing and Kick-Boxing gloves
  • Shin guards
  • Kick shields
  • Thai pads
  • Focus pads
  • Skipping ropes
  • Free and standing bags
  • Timers

Members need to get their own mouthguard and handwraps

Club Objectives

Our main goal is to promote the art of Kick boxing, and to better ourselves. It doesn’t matter if you are have never done any martial arts or are hard-trained veteran, you will find your place in the club. We believe that everybody should get a chance to try themselves in this sport, or improve themselves to the point where they reach a higher level of fighting.

Other info

You can also find us on facebook: University of Essex Kick Boxing Club

The purpose of the Kick-Boxing club is to pass to students the philosophy of becoming a fighter, through intene training routines which include: building fitness (stamina, flexibility, and power), mastering on combo techniques, gaining sparing experience, and learn how to train others. Kick-Boxing is regarded a modern fighting sport rather than a martial art, consisting of a number of simplified punching and kicking techniques, which are inspired from traditional martial arts.

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