University of Essex 50th Anniversary Scholarship

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University of Essex 50th Anniversary Scholarship

University of Essex 50th Anniversary Scholarship


50th Anniversary scholarships

To mark our anniversary, we want to give more people the opportunity to learn, grow and achieve.

Since 1964, Essex has believed in education for all – and in opportunities for people from less privileged backgrounds. For some of these gifted students, a scholarship or bursary is vital.

Our 50th Anniversary Scholarships video on Vimeo

Postgraduate scholarships

Postgraduate degrees help the academics, engineers and scientists of the future to achieve their goals. They’re also vital for the UK’s economy.

“I had to go to university, but no one in my family had ever gone – and my dad and mum couldn’t support me. You have inspired me, and I hope to become a teacher – to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.”

Jeanette Wiseman received a scholarship in 2010-11. This is part of her thank you letter.

PhD scholarships

Our PhD students are at the heart of our research – and our research is world class. For our anniversary, we want to create PhD scholarships across all faculties.

And, we have a unique fund which matches your money – halving the costs for donors who want to support a PhD student. A full PhD scholarship in a science subject would typically cost £75,000, for example, but now costs around £37,500 – or £12,500 a year.

Masters’ scholarships

Masters’ degrees boost careers, but funding for taught postgraduate courses has been withdrawn, so fees are rising. But graduates thinking about further study will already have paid fees of up to £27,000 – with maintenance loans on top.

Your support

If you can help to support postgraduate study, contact us or fill in an online donation form.