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The Wiki is EASE authenticated for the purposes of editing content. Many options are available for reading content, ranging from specific named wiki users, to the world at large.

A wiki is a type of website that allows user to collaboratively create and maintain content.

One of the most well-known and well-used wikis is Wikipedia, an online encyclopaedia created by users from all over the world. Anyone can add new entries to Wikipedia, and change or add to existing entries.

If you are looking to use a wiki, you’ve probably already done some research to lead you to the point where you think a wiki might be a good choice of tool.

However, like all IT tools, they are not a answer in themselves; they require good implementation to really solve a problem or provoke something new.

Wikis are good at facilitating collaboration, but usually only if the activity requires collaboration, or there are incentives for collaboration.

Wikis are also often at their most powerful when they facilitate collaboration across organisational boundaries.

The Wiki is based on the Confluence software platform. Users log into it via EASE and it is automatically populated with all staff, students and visitors to the University, making it easy for you to use.

Using the service

To use the wiki, go to the link below and login using EASE.


  • Any member of the University – staff, students and ‘staff like’ visitors may own any number of Wikis in the University space.
  • Usage is intended for academic and administrative purposes.
  • The owner has control and responsibility for the use of the Wiki, ie content moderation, authorisation of users, etc.
  • Collaborators/users from outside the University may be given write access to the wiki by the owner or delegated administrator.
  • There is no enforced size limit for a single Wiki space. Individual attachments, however, cannot exceed 30MB.

Requesting a Wiki space

If you would like to request a wiki space, then all you need to do is fill out the wiki request form using the link below.

This form will be dealt with by the IS Helpline, who will set up your wiki space and notify you when it is ready. This will normally be done within a single working day.

The wiki service is available to support academic or administrative activity within the University.

Any student may apply for a wiki space to support their work in these areas, but we do ask that students supply details of a member of staff who will support their application.