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University of Edinburgh Virtual Tour

Take a 360 degree look around our extensive range of facilities.

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About the tour

This virtual tour showcases four of the CSE’s facilities:

  • Pleasance Sports Complex
  • Peffermill Playing Fields
  • Firbush Outdoor Centre
  • St. Leonards Pool

Please note that the tour running sequence does not reflect the true layout of the various sites.

Self-guided tours

Follow our self-guided walking tours for a flavour of the University, the city and student life.

Self-guided campus tours

If you would just like to look around the University, we produce two self-guided tour leaflets: one for the George Square campus and surrounding area, and one for the King’s Buildings campus.

Accommodation tours

Access inside our student accommodation is not normally possible, as our students live here for the majority of the year, but we have 360° virtual tours available online so that you can see what our accommodation looks like inside.

You can get more information on University accommodation on the Accommodation Services website.

Hard copies of leaflets

You can find hard copies of the self-guided tour leaflets at the Student Recruitment and Admissions (SRA) office or the University’s Visitor Centre.

Open Days are an opportunity for you to come and see the University for yourself.